Welcome, Fellow Traveler:

My name is Liz and I am a healing facilitator, intuitive, writer, and empath. I have a Bachelor of Education and diplomas from the School of Natural Health Sciences in Crystal Therapy and Psychotherapy/Counselling.

I developed my alias and the name of my website, The Magelion, by combining the color magenta and my star sign (Leo). It is pronounced maj-el-ian.

Initially, I intended to write about topics that many people in my immediate world might have found too difficult or out there to understand. However, even with anonymity, I still didn’t feel totally comfortable sharing the experiences and memories I faced — both regular and anomalous in nature — nor the daily inner work I integrated into my routine, to better understand and know my true self.

At this point in my life, as I peel back the layers of who I am, I intend to share what matters to me, regardless of what others think or feel. This is my process and my experience; please utilize anything that resonates with you and discard that which does not.

I am always growing, learning and adapting and hope to share my process with others who are like me.

Here, you will find different parts of the journey I have taken to remember who I am, beyond this vessel that I currently occupy, and the knowledge I’ve collected along the way; as well as the techniques and tools I use daily to create balance, harmony and understanding of the self, and to promote reintegration of the body, mind and spirit.

At this time, it is of utmost importance for us to remember who we really are, which is why I end every blog post with the Latin words “nosce te ipsum,” which means know thyself. I have dedicated over a decade of my life to discovering the truth of who I am and I would be honoured to assist you with discovering your true self, also.

I hope you enjoy perusing my site and I would love to hear from you!

“When you remember, dreams become reality.” ~ The Magelion


Know Thyself

With love,

The Magelion

I integrate all parts of me and let it be known this is the rule of my game. Upon any action or reaction to my game, as an exploit or projection into my game, immediately and effectively, I’m applying the Universal Law of Impermanence and I’m reflecting that exploit or projection back to its creator.

All content on this website copyright ©2016-2020 The Magelion

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