Welcome, Fellow Traveler:

My name’s Liz and I’m a healing facilitator, consultant, intuitive, experiencer, and empath – among other things.

My passion for almost 25 years has been inner alchemy, which to me means knowing myself, understanding and shifting programs that have been operating in the background of my subconscious, and healing from complex trauma that began before I could speak and lasted well into my adulthood.

Through this inner process of turning my “lead into gold,” I’ve had the opportunity to discover with curiosity the mystery of who I am, while honing my abilities and developing strategies that have assisted me in generating healing of the mind, body, spirit, soul, and beyond.

I began my journey for truth by finally – after years of accepting outer influence as my own – learning to listen to my intuition, which involved exploring what exactly intuition is and what it is not.  Learning to trust my inner knowing, when oftentimes this sacred knowledge is eradicated in childhood, was key to me stepping into my true self and letting my higher guidance provide the way.  During that time, I delved deeply into inner child and shadow work, and began to reparent myself, by providing the love, attention and emotional support that I felt bereft of. 

It was at this time that I first resonated with the Latin inscription on temples: Nosce te ipsum – meaning Know Thyself – and I set out to do just that; despite the familial, ancestral, generational, cultural, societal, medical, governmental, psychological, and spiritual institutions I’d been influenced by.  In doing so, I began to slowly and carefully demolish walls placed around my essence and planted seeds for new, authentic self growth.  I shifted from existing in a predominantly victim mentality to living in a more empowered reality.  I realized that I needed to stop blaming others for my experience and that it was time I took accountability for how I was contributing to it, on several levels. To this day, knowing thyself continues to be the north star in my growth and innerstanding.

The next big lesson on my journey was to emancipate myself from savior programming and, through an arduous process, I began to recognize the seen and unseen influences manipulating the reality I perceived. These influences were full of false promises, appeared as wolves in sheep’s clothing, and presented delusional reasoning.  I discovered how challenging it can be to recognize truth when one’s metaphorical glasses are tainted by hope, unquestioned beLIEfs, desires, and sheer desperation to be saved by a hero, with little to no effort from oneself.  I noticed the naïve readiness with which I handed my innate power over to outside authorities and influences, so I went deeper within to find more truth inside of myself.

Here, I began discovering even more about who I really was.  I continued to listen to my inner nudgings, which guided me towards energy healing, and earned diplomas in Crystal Healing and Psychotherapy & Counselling.  I explored the teachings and used myself as an experiment of sorts, in which I furthered the knowledge given and shaped it into something new I created; a combination of years of research, intuitive guidance, creativity, and trial and error, to pinpoint strategies that worked for me.  I had visions of providing distance crystal therapy, to which I added my understanding of energy, frequency, and resonance, and I began to test what I surmised on family, friends and pets, with positive results.  Energy healing and distance crystal therapy has efficacy.

And that brings me to where I am today.  Being very self-aware, I am continually growing and evolving as I gain more insight.  I strive to know and understand myself daily and provide guidance and energetic support to others who are doing the same. 

I developed my alias and the name of my website, The Magelion, by combining the color magenta and my sun sign (Leo). It is pronounced maj-el-ian.  Here, you’ll discover different parts of the journey I have taken to remember who I am and the knowledge I’ve collected along the way; as well as the techniques and tools I use daily to create balance, harmony and understanding of the self, and to promote reintegration of the body, mind and spirit.

At this time, it is of utmost importance for us to remember who we really are.  I have dedicated my life to discovering the truth of who I am and I would be honoured to assist you with discovering your true self, also.

I hope you enjoy perusing my site and I would love to hear from you!

“When you remember, dreams become reality.” ~ The Magelion


Know Thyself

With love,

The Magelion

I integrate all parts of me and let it be known this is the rule of my game. Upon any action or reaction to my game, as an exploit or projection into my game, immediately and effectively, I’m applying the Universal Law of Impermanence and I’m reflecting that exploit or projection back to its creator.

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