Trust Yourself: Intuition & Neutrality

Like intuition, my blog posts will be more like puzzle pieces coming together than ideas laid out in chronological order.

Over time, I’ve become quite comfortable letting my higher self guide me along my journey. Instead of leading me down a completely straight and uneventful path, I have been urged here and there, sometimes going left, then right and other times completely circling and zigzagging off in another direction. Sometimes I’ve stepped up and other times I’ve slid down. I’ve come out in places I never expected and brought into fruition some of my greatest desires.  No matter the direction I take, I always learn more about the truth and am provided with exactly what I need to know at the time; no more, no less.

I’ve heard people say, “God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle,” and I’ve found the same to be true for intuition. In fact, I liken my higher self or the Spirit Magelion as equal to “god” in my life.  My spirit energy knows exactly what I need and how much I can handle at any given time, despite what my ego desires or my mind believes.  My spirit remains true.

It is most important that you trust YOURSELF.  It would behoove everyone to learn this in childhood, but childhood seems to be a time when our current society strips individuals of their innate nature.  Because many of us are so impressionable and even trusting as children, we give credence to the ‘wiser’ and ‘more experienced’ sources outside of us (family, teachers, peers, society, religion, etc.), convincing us that we are being silly, imaginary friends are only imaginary, go hug the creepy person who makes you feel skeevy anyway, you’ll go to hell if you don’t believe without question, everybody’s afraid of fill-in-the-blank, and you have a vivid imagination.  It’s a shame our children are being taught to put their faith in others instead of themselves and I continue to remove remnants of this societal programming from me to this day.  If something doesn’t feel right or scares me, I pay attention, listen and investigate it further.

I should mention, however, that there is a great difference between intuition and paranoia.  Paranoia is absolutely, no way, undoubtedly NOT intuition.  Paranoia screams at you, repeats obsessive thought loops, is wordy, and is laced with fear and anger.  Intuition is neutral; a simply worded whisper or soft voice nudging you.  Do this.  Don’t do that.  Step back.  Run now.  Intuition is sometimes so soft, it might take you a while to actually hear it.

Intuition, like a computer, is only as good as the operator.  If you desperately desire a particular outcome, your intuition will be filtered through and clouded by your strong desire.  Getting neutral before going to your intuition will assist you in gaining the most accurate answer.

Neutrality takes practice and, because human beings are emotional creatures, being in a neutral state isn’t a place any human can expect to be in all the time.  Honor your humanness, but become the best human you can be by taking control of your emotions.

Like cleaning your glasses, as you remove layers of dirt and fingerprints, your perception will become more clear.  Dirt, in this case, includes things like beliefs, values, fears, shoulds, “I’ve always been this way,” “I can’ts” and societal influences. This list is by no means exclusive.  A better name for the dirt is triggers.  If something triggers a reaction in you that shifts you out of neutral, you’ve got some dirt to find and remove.

Learn to respect and appreciate the dirt that shows up.  In its own way, it is beautiful and carries remarkable potential to help you evolve into a greater version of yourself.  Try to be patient as you go through the process and trust in the ebb and flow.  Once you signal to yourself that you’re ready, you will be given the lessons as necessary; again, no more, no less than you can handle.  Let your intuition guide you and trust yourself.

Know Thyself


With love,

The Magelion


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