Expanding Awareness

We are all interconnected and we are not alone. These are two indisputable facts.

The need to sensationalize life on other planets and dimensions is antithetical, when the reality of life existing outside of this place we call Earth is common sense. To believe life doesn’t exist on other planets/planes/dimensions or to speculate it might, but “we don’t have definitive proof yet” is to maintain a limited view in which one’s head is buried firmly in sand. (How’s the view down there?!)

Consider this: your body is a combination of miraculous parts working together to make up you – you have DNA, cells, atoms, chromosomes, good bacteria, hormones, follicles, numerous efficient systems, and much more that culminate in what you perceive to be you. Add to that the potential of reproduction and you have the power to create life. All of these parts work seamlessly together, with you generally unaware of their processes – still they continue on. You are a planet to those living parts of you. You would not exist as you currently are without them and they would not exist as they currently are without you. You are a creator. You are part of a bigger picture.

Extending this further, look around the room you are in now. Perhaps you’re sitting on a chair and there is a table nearby with a plant on it and a pet curled up next to you. Everything in this room, from the floor to the ceiling exists in that space. The table is matter – atoms moving together that you can’t see with the naked eye. The plant has a teeny spider living within its leaves and is home to microorganisms. Your pet, like you, is made up of amazing parts working cohesively together to project the cuteness you see as your companion. Now, let’s expand out of this room and assume a bird’s eye view, noticing the entirety of the building you are in; full of rooms, with each room containing other living and nonliving things.

Taking an even greater leap, let’s leave the aerial view of the building and lift higher, viewing the city from above. Life is abundant throughout every part of the city and also when viewing the outskirts of town or less populated areas.

Remember how much life there was in the room you began reading this in and recognize that there are communities in every tree and creature, living in the grass we walk on, deep within the ocean where we have not been able to explore, in each car passing by you, and living underground and in the skies. Life is everywhere.

And now, using our imagination, let’s leap up into space and view Earth as the globe we’ve been taught to believe She is, spinning in vastness, a mass of blue, white and green. We could say, “There’s no life there! I can’t see life from here. It’s just blue, white and green,” but we know better because we live on Earth and we are aware of a number of the forms of life living on Her and within all parts and creatures that are part of Her.

Image result for earth aerial view

Universe Today – Western Hemisphere of Earth

For a moment in time, we are able to understand how we are all interconnected – each being, creature, object, plant, rock and thought form. We all create this together. We share this reality. We share this planet. Becoming the best us is critical at this moment in time, as we influence everything around us. We impact Her.

And we are still floating in space at this point and are able to sense and experience the vastness of the universe. We are minuscule in comparison to the mass possibilities here and yet we are each important and integral; like each cell in the body contributing to the creation of a healthy being. And still, we share this interconnectedness beyond self.

The universe is far greater than Earth, than the country you live in, than the town you’re residing in, then the room you’re reading this in and than the universe that makes up you.

And the next time you feel alone, remember that you are not. You are home to every thing and every part that makes up you. You are connected to the all and the all is connected to you.

You are a creator. Wield your abilities with intention and wisdom.

Know Thyself

With love,

The Magelion

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