We live in an extremely fast-paced society, which can leave one feeling discombobulated, flighty and unfocused.  One method of handling the constant barrage of information directed our way, increased interactions with others, stress, and a nonstop stream of thoughts is by practicing grounding.

Grounding does not need to follow a complicated formula and can easily be practiced any time, anywhere, when one needs to “come back to Earth” and re-connect oneself to our planet.

My favorite way to ground is to incorporate visualization and breath work to establish a firm connection into Earth.  When I inhale, I slowly breathe in Earth Mother’s loving, supportive energy.  When I exhale, I envision roots coming out of my feet, like an energetic tree, and they go down into the ground and connect me to this space we call home.  I repeat this process of inhaling and exhaling until my roots reach the core of Earth Mother and I feel connected to Her, which usually only takes a minute or two.  I remain in this connected space until I feel firmly connected and then I carry on with the day.

One can integrate a grounding crystal, such as hematite, into the process.  In this instance, I stand by a window, look at the beautiful tree in my yard, and place the crystal on my third eye, while following the process outlined above.  As with everything, you may modify any process to suit you.  I envision a constant feedback loop, between myself and Earth Mother as I inhale and exhale.  This is a process I follow every time I do a crystal layout or any energetic work, and at the end of the sessions, also.

There are several other ways one can ground, such as going outside and physically laying on the grass, hugging a tree, going for a walk, getting out in nature, practicing gardening, purchasing a grounding mat, etc.  This list is not exclusive.  Today, I prefer the method outlined above, as it is -33° Celsius and I want to stay warm!  I also appreciate that this process costs nothing and can be practiced anywhere, at anytime.

If you have a way of grounding that you’d like to share, please add a comment.


Know Thyself

With love,

The Magelion

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