Cabin Adventure : a Simple Lesson on Parasites

I meant to post this article last summer, but life got really busy. It’s still timely now.

A couple of weekends ago, I had the joy of spending time out at the lake with family. One of my favourite things to do when I’m out there is to have a cup of coffee on the porch in the morning before everyone else wakes up, while watching all the different birds. When I’m out in the mountains, I see many species I don’t normally see back home in the prairies. I even saw a bald eagle and it took my breath away.

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Three of us adults decided to take a swim and soak in the lake one afternoon and we had a lot of fun, playing with the various water toys that are normally reserved for our nephews and taking a break from the heat. The same birds, Common Goldeneye ducks, which I had watched that morning were out on the lake, also, and I was fascinated by their ability to jump directly out of the water, without flapping their wings, and onto the several docks. They were so cute. It was truly a memorable afternoon and we shared many laughs.

We all exited the water, knowing it was time to prep supper, and had quick showers to warm up, as it had become overcast and a storm was moving in. Within that hour, things changed completely for us. Suddenly we were uncontrollably itchy, but there were no visible marks on our bodies. We were unable to sit still or do anything without scratching, so I texted my mother-in-law who’s been a nurse for over forty years. She said we had swimmer’s itch — and there we had it, a coherent and logical diagnosis for the invisible itchiness we were experiencing.

Calamine lotion, anti-itch cream, and all other concoctions did little initially to alleviate our distress. I would liken the feeling to having restless leg syndrome throughout one’s entire body.

My brother-in-law did an internet search and we were able to learn more about the cause of swimmer’s itch: parasites! Unfortunately, the beautiful ducks I’d been entranced by were the likely culprits, as well as several hot days in a row, which brought up the water temperature over a longer period of time. The itching we were experiencing was caused by an allergic reaction to parasites (called schistosomes) burrowing under the skin, but because they can’t survive on humans, they die off quickly.

We learned that a cold shower could alleviate some of the symptoms we were experiencing (and that hot aggravates the itch), so we took turns reluctantly taking the coldest showers we had ever experienced. I had to give myself a pep talk to do it and waited for my sister to shower first, to see if it would be worth the discomfort. She said it was, so in I went and screamed the entire time. It was definitely worth it. Each of us felt we were at a 10 out of 10 in terms of itch and the shower brought it down to about a 7.

It was a rough night, trying to sleep and not scratch. We all considered taping oven mitts onto our hands as a deterrent.

The next morning, I had a few spots but not what I would’ve expected to see, after being so itchy. I checked in on my sister who was COVERED in hundreds of red spots. The only place she didn’t have them was her face. As the days went on, the spots got worse for all of us. After just over a week, they started to really improve, although there was still some itching as our bodies continued to push the allergic reaction out.

Going through this experience has provided inspiration to expound upon the nature of energetic parasites that I encounter in crystal therapy sessions on myself and others. The word parasite has such negative connotations and so it should, but I find many people I interact with, who aren’t really knowledgeable about energetic healing, are quite adverse to the idea that energetic parasites exist, while even going so far as to suggest they don’t exist at all. While I can understand their repulsion and maybe even fear of the idea, the bottom line is this: just because you don’t want to believe something exists, does not mean it ceases to.

The definition of a parasite is an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense. These nutrients can be those of the physical variety, but energetically they are often lower level emotions (grief, sadness, guilt, resentment, jealousy, desperation, fear, etc.), unhealed trauma and triggers.

I can say with certainty that I never expected – nor had any awareness of – the physical parasites lurking in the lake that day. Still, they attached to me and others, despite our lack of awareness, belief or acceptance of them.

Energetic parasites are just as likely around as those that are physical. Noticing them does not mean one puts belief in them, or gives over power to them by acknowledging their existence. In fact, being able to recognize these parasites is key to free yourself of their influence; it’s the cold shower, the anti-itch cream, the calamine lotion that will assist you in commanding your boundaries and cutting off the food source.

If you feel drained around certain people, experience repetitive thought loops that seem to be out of your control, have addictions, or find yourself acting and reacting in ways that don’t feel like the loving human being you know yourself to be, you may have an energetic parasite. You are not doomed to be a host forever; simply being aware of the parasite’s existence is the first step in freeing yourself from host-status and you can then make the conscious choice to cut off the food source by changing the buffet (i.e. what you believe is drawing them your way).

If you’d like to talk more about parasites or require energetic assistance removing them, you can reach me here.


Know Thyself

With love,

The Magelion

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