What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing & the Spiritual Shield

Crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine that focuses on energy fields and uses crystals to heal, balance, strengthen, and align the energy in your subtle bodies (also known as the aura or energetic bodies).  I like to think of these bodies as a spiritual shield.

Although most people can’t see auras, this inability to perceive them does not make them any less important.  We can’t see oxygen, yet we need it to survive.  Additionally, most of us can’t see what’s happening under a person’s skin without using some form of medical technology, yet it is largely agreed upon that what happens inside the body affects what we perceive on the outside, as well as the experience of the person living inside of that body.  Therefore, becoming aware of the subtle bodies can bring an additional level of health to your overall wellbeing; as residing in the unseen are blindspots in which energetic manipulation, syphoning, interference, blockages, and stagnant energy can develop. 

An example of this is when one experiences trauma.  Difficult experiences of any kind can damage one or more of the subtle bodies which, if left unhealed, can develop into a greater issue, weakening your spiritual shield and possibly manifesting as dis-ease in the physical body.  Noticing your own weak spots is a great way to begin shifting energy so you can heal.

Healing using crystals is a non-invasive process that works simply due to the interplay between the human energy field and the energy field of the crystal.

One can incorporate the beneficial effects of crystals to generate healing in a variety of ways:

  • Carrying a crystal with you
  • Placing crystals on your chakras
  • Using crystals to direct energy and remove energetic blockages
  • Placing programmed crystals around your environment
  • Putting a crystal under your pillow
  • Surrounding oneself with a crystal layout (which is when crystals are arranged around the body to direct energy in or out)

There are many more ways to use crystals in healing that are not listed here.  You are limited only by your imagination!

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into the vibrational medicine aspect of crystal healing, to better understand how this works.

Crystal Frequencies as Vibrational Medicine

All the things that you perceive as mass – such as yourself or a table – are just atoms vibrating.  Sounds, thoughts and emotions also vibrate. 

These vibrating atoms all move at a particular frequency and frequency can change over time.  For example, during the course of a day, your own vibrational frequency will vary.  When you feel happy or successful, your frequency is quite high. When you’re worrying about something, feeling fearful, or engaged in a conflict, your frequency goes down.  When a frequency falls out of tune, due to stress or tension, this can result in dis-ease.

Vibrational medicine works to bring one’s frequency back into harmonic alignment.  Crystals, in particular, are effective at harmonizing the energetic bodies because they are arranged in regular, repetitive, fixed patterns; a lattice-like structure.  The lattice nature of crystals has an extremely high degree of repeatability and organization and, as such, they vibrate at a constant, unchanging frequency.  People, however, are not as coherently structured as a crystal.  We have subtle bodies, which influence how we respond (or react) to the world, and outer factors that influence us, including being constantly immersed in WiFi, technological devices, pharmaceuticals, processed foods, lack of natural light, negative thoughts, pollution, etc. All of these things impact our vibrational structure.

How Do Crystals Influence One’s Vibration?

The answer is a single word:  Entrainment

Entrainment is when two objects of a similar frequency are in close proximity.  The object with the weaker frequency (the human for example) will align with the stronger frequency (the crystal).  A real-life example of this between people is when a person with a weak voice sings with a person who has a stronger voice – the weaker voice tends to become stronger & more sonorous.  The same goes when tuning an instrument.

The correct crystal(s) will resonate with a particular human condition to provide a healthy harmonic frequency (beneficial result), due to the crystal’s orderly, repeating structure and the principle of entrainment.

In fact, Marcel Vogel, a scientist and researcher with IBM for 27 years, noted:

“The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance … when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power of the user’s mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will.”

For those of you wondering, this raising of frequency has nothing to do with the concept of ascension.  This is simply about one’s body resonating with the frequency of the crystal and the particular qualities of that crystal and its beneficial effects on the human body.

In the next article, we will explore how to choose, care for, and program a crystal. If you’re interested in trying a distance crystal therapy session, pop over here to learn more.


Know Thyself

With love,

The Magelion

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