Crystal Rx: Aragonite ~ For Floaty People

Those who have experienced trauma know that floaty feeling well. Technically known as dissociation, it is not a rare experience and occurs in many, albeit at different levels. One of the most common examples of dissociation is reported among drivers who end up at their destination without remembering all the little details along the way.With … Continue reading Crystal Rx: Aragonite ~ For Floaty People

Your Me Team

During distance therapy sessions, I communicate and work with what I call the Me Team. This includes every single part of you: Source/The Universe/God, your Spirit, Soul, Oversoul, Higher Self, Multi-Dimensional Selves, Super Soul, Incarnations, Magnetic Self, Fractal Selves, and more -- basically every part of you that exists across all time and space. Some … Continue reading Your Me Team

Breaking the Chains of Love Bite Relationships and Healing

If you have not read My Experience with the “Love Bite, I recommend that you do that, before reading the following. After the relationship I described in my previous post, I had to learn how to heal.  This process was and is not instantaneous.  It takes dedication, a willingness to look at yourself with a … Continue reading Breaking the Chains of Love Bite Relationships and Healing

My Experience with the “Love Bite”

The following article explores my firsthand experience with what I now perceive to be a "Love Bite," a term coined by Eve Lorgen, who is an author, anomalous trauma researcher, counselor, and protégé of the legendary Barbara Bartholic. Eve has written two books exploring this topic: “The Love Bite: Alien Interference of Human Love Relationships” … Continue reading My Experience with the “Love Bite”


We live in an extremely fast-paced society, which can leave one feeling discombobulated, flighty and unfocused.  One method of handling the constant barrage of information directed our way, increased interactions with others, stress, and a nonstop stream of thoughts is by practicing grounding. Grounding does not need to follow a complicated formula and can easily … Continue reading Grounding