Distance Crystal Therapy Sessions

At this time, these sessions include two parts:

  1. A three card reading in writing for you to keep, answering the question: What would I benefit from knowing at this time?
  2. An hour long crystal therapy layout session, focusing on aligning and balancing your subtle bodies and on energetically cleansing the particular issue(s) that you’d like assistance with.

How It Works


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We all have an innate ability to heal ourselves and the keys to doing this reside within each individual. In a distance crystal therapy session, I go inside myself and connect with your Me Team, which is comprised of all parts of you and you only.

I communicate with your Me Team, remove repetitive thought patterns, release stress and tension, and focus on the “issue” or challenge you wish to find relief on – all while you relax or lie down in a comfortable spot.

Please do not use any technology during this time and use the hour to relax, think, meditate, or sleep.

During the session, I use crystals that have been cleansed and programmed to strengthen and realign your subtle bodies and chakras. We do not talk to each other during the session, but I will text or email you when I am done and will send your three card reading at that time, also.

My clients have experienced success with weight loss (which is a gradual process), changed thought patterns, pain relief, depression & anxiety alleviated (and in some cases removed), and those with insomnia have noticed better sleeps.

In the 3D world we currently live in, it is often easy to forget and neglect our energetic bodies, when most of us are unable to see them directly. These subtle bodies need cleansing, just like your physical body does, and many people sense relief and relaxation during a Distance Crystal Therapy Session, as I work on the unseen, so you can feel better in this physicality.

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