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Sometimes you just need to be heard. Let’s have a confidential conversation about you and your experiences. These sessions occur over Skype or Zoom – your choice.

Distance Crystal Therapy

During the following crystal layout sessions, I harmonize and balance the physical and subtle bodies (or aura) for overall well-being. Many clients feel more centered, balanced and clear after distance crystal therapy. The session occurs at a mutually agreed upon time.

Here are three types of Distance Crystal Therapy sessions offered:

Foundation Session (90 Minutes)

The Foundation Session is a deep clean of one’s energies and includes balancing of the Me Team, chakras, energetic systems, each subtle body, and your physical body, organs and systems. I also release blockages, including energetic parasites, which may be impacting your thought patterns, the flow of energy throughout your being, as well as clear negative influences.

This session includes a brief email consultation in which you may share up to three issues that you would like assistance with during your session. I will focus on gaining an understanding of these issues and releasing them from your field.

After our consultation, I will tailor a detailed crystal layout and intentions to be used during your session. Due to the nature of energetic healing, sometimes what appears to be a simple issue is actually a multi-layered, deeper process, therefore, during your session I will cover as many of the issues mentioned as possible.

When your session is complete, you will receive an email detailing what I discovered during your session, as well as a picture and description of the crystal layout.

Rejuvenation Session (60 Minutes)

The Rejuvenation Session is a custom crystal layout, which focuses on generating relaxation and balancing the Me Team, chakras, energetic systems, each subtle body, and your physical body, organs and systems. I release blockages, including energetic parasites, which may be impacting your thought patterns, the flow of energy throughout your being, and clear negative influences. After your session, you will receive a picture and description of the crystal layout.

Frequency Soak (24 hours)

These intuitive layouts surround your subtle bodies/aura in carefully programmed crystal frequencies for 24 hours and are the perfect layout for those who are on-the-go. Many clients report feeling better, simply by having these Frequency Soaks around them as they face the day. Additional days are available for purchase, also. You will receive a picture and description of the crystals used during your frequency soak.

Crystalline Attunement

Share one main issue or question that you’d like assistance with and I will discover what is energetically behind it and help you gain insight. Often, what appears to be one issue is actually several subsets of issues, which will be addressed during the session.  You will receive a typed transcript of the information received and the areas of healing focused on during your session.

Examples of how these sessions have helped people include: improving relationships of all types (such as employer/employee, neighbors, friendships, romantic interests, co-parenting, stopping bullying), releasing repetitive thought patterns, increasing & maintaining stamina to achieve goals, healing energetic wounds, and alleviating outside influences.

Crystal Card Reading

A three or five card reading in writing for you to keep, answering the question: What would I benefit from knowing at this time?

You will receive a picture of the cards presented, as well as a picture of the handwritten answer to the question italicized above. I get the most clear response during these readings when I am not using technology, which is why I write the information using a pen and paper.

The readings are designed to empower and help you be your best in the moment and do not predict the future.


Know Thyself

With love,

The Magelion

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