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At this time, I offer four different types of services: Consultations/Counselling, Distance Crystal Therapy Sessions, Crystalline Attunement Sessions, and Crystal Card Readings. Details and rates for services are listed below.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Services offered can be combined, please just ask.

Please email to request a service or to ask questions, or send a message using the Contact Form.  I look forward to working with you!

Note: Phone and texting options listed below are available to Canadian clients only.


Let’s have a conversation about you and your experiences, understand and reintegrate your shadow, program some crystals together, and discover who you really are. All international consultations and counselling sessions occur over Skype or Zoom. Canadian clients may choose to have a phone consultation instead.

30 minutes – $30.00 CAD
60 minutes – $60.00 CAD
90 minutes – $90.00 CAD

Distance Crystal Therapy Sessions

During these sessions, the client lies down for an hour (using no technology), while I harmonize and balance the physical and subtle bodies (or aura).  My goal during these sessions is to assist you in remembering who you really are, outside of the stress and constant mind chatter we often face.  Many clients mention feeling more centered, balanced and clear, as I remove attachments, thought loops and a variety of things that are not innately part of heart-based beings.

For Introductory and Scaffolding Distance Crystal Therapy Sessions, I create a crystal layout tailored specifically to the individual, with detailed intentions for the session.  Both of these sessions build upon the process I’ve developed for Relaxation Distance Crystal Therapy and many clients feel peaceful after a session.

Some clients appreciate keeping their Spiritual Shield (subtle bodies) strong and balanced through the beneficial effects of crystal therapy and they choose to do these sessions weekly or monthly, as added energetic support.

Click here for greater detail about Distance Crystal Therapy Sessions and below are three types of sessions offered:

Introductory Distance Crystal Therapy Session – $120.00 CAD

Lie down, relax and allow me to align and balance your subtle bodies and overall well-being. Includes a brief email or text consultation regarding up to 3 issues you would like assistance with during the distance crystal layout.

Scaffolding Distance Crystal Therapy Session – $80.00 CAD

Note: This package is available to returning clients only.
This distance crystal layout builds on a previous Distance Crystal Therapy Session. Sometimes, especially when relieving pain or more chronic conditions, a person needs more than one session to enhance and layer the energetic work previously done. Includes a brief email or text consultation about your current experience, what is working well, and what you perceive as needing more focus.

Relaxation Distance Crystal Therapy Session – $60.00 CAD

This distance crystal layout focuses on generating relaxation and balancing one’s energies, subtle bodies, chakras, physical body and systems.  This session is different from those listed above in that there is no focus on specific issues that one may be experiencing.

Crystalline Attunement Session

The Crystalline Attunement process is an intuitive reading, as I go into meditation and connect my Me Team to the client’s Me Team.  I am able to receive answers to questions from this place, provide insight about the causes of challenges you may be facing, facilitate healing and lift barriers, as well as receive advice from your Spirit and Me Team that can help you move forward.  Near the end of the meditation, I remotely attune your energetic bodies, with my quartz alignment technique.

These sessions differ from Distance Crystal Therapy in that you may go about your day as you normally would, without needing to lay down or be off of technological devices, while I work on you.

Examples of how these sessions have helped people include: improving relationships of all types (such as employer/employee, neighbors, friendships, romantic interests, co-parenting, preventing bullying), removing repetitive thought patterns, increasing & maintaining stamina to achieve goals, healing wounds in past and present incarnations, and alleviating outside influences.

Crystalline Attunement Session – $75.00 CAD
Share one main issue that you’d like assistance with through email or text and I will harmonize and balance your energy, using my quartz alignment technique.  Often, what appears to be one issue is actually several subsets of issues, which are addressed during the session.  You will receive a typed up transcript of the information received and the areas of healing focused on during your session.

Crystal Card Reading

3-card Reading – $25.00 CAD
5-card Reading – $40.00 CAD

A three or five card reading in writing for you to keep, answering the question:
What would I benefit from knowing at this time?

During these readings, I connect with your Me Team, which is comprised of all parts of you and you only, and all the information I receive and write down comes from the highest parts of you and no where/no one else.

You will receive a picture of the cards presented during the reading, as well as a picture of the handwritten answer to the question italicized above. I find I get the most clear response during these readings when I am not using any technology at all, which is why I write the information using a pen and paper.

The readings are designed to empower you and to help you move forward to becoming your best self, by reading information that your selves would like you to know at this very moment.


Know Thyself

With love,

The Magelion

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