All prices are in US Dollars.

Please email themagelion@gmail.com to request a service or send me a message using the Contact Form.  I look forward to working with you!

Note:  Phone and texting options listed below are available to Canadian clients only.


Let’s have a conversation about you and your experiences. All international consultations occur over Skype. Canadian clients may choose to have a phone consultation instead.

30 minutes – $30.00
60 minutes – $60.00
90 minutes – $90.00

Distance Crystal Therapy Sessions

During these sessions, the client lies down for an hour (using no technology), while I harmonize and balance the subtle bodies, using a crystal layout tailored specifically to the individual.  Click here for greater detail about Distance Crystal Therapy Sessions.

Crystal Package 1 – $120.00
Lie down, relax and allow me to align and balance your subtle bodies and overall well-being. Includes a brief email or text consultation regarding up to 3 issues you would like assistance with during the distance crystal layout.

Crystal Package 2 – $145.00
Includes everything listed in Package 1, plus a crystal card reading (3 cards) answering the question: What would I benefit from knowing at this time?

Crystal Package 3 – $120.00 + Consultation
(Add $30 for 30 minutes, $60 for 60 minutes or $90 for 90 minutes)
Includes services listed in Package 1, plus choose whichever duration of consultation suits you, so we can go into depth about the issues you’d like assistance with, instead of briefly discussing them via email.

Crystal Package 4 – $145.00 + Consultation
(Add $30 for 30 minutes, $60 for 60 minutes or $90 for 90 minutes)
Includes services listed in Package 2 (crystal layout & 3-card reading), plus whichever duration of consultation that suits you, in which we will discuss the issues you’d like to focus on.

Crystal Package 5 ~ Scaffolding Crystal Therapy – $80.00
Note:  This package is available to returning clients only.
This distance crystal layout builds on a previous Distance Crystal Therapy Session.  Sometimes, especially when relieving pain, a person needs more than one session to enhance and layer the energetic work previously done.  Includes brief email or text consultation about your current experience, what is working well, and what you perceive as needing more focus.

Crystalline Attunement

Allow me to attune your energetic bodies, with my quartz alignment technique.  The Crystalline Attunement process differs from Distance Crystal Therapy in that you may go about your day as you normally would, without needing to lay down or be off of your technology, while I work on you.

Crystalline Attunement Package 1 – $60.00
Tell me up to 3 things that you’d like assistance with through email or text and I will harmonize and balance your energy, using my quartz alignment technique.

Crystalline Attunement Package 2 – $60.00 + Consultation
(Add $30 for 30 minutes, $60 for 60 minutes or $90 for 90 minutes)
Let’s discuss up to 3 things you’d like assistance with over Skype (or phone for Canadian customers) for whichever length of time you prefer and, using my quartz alignment technique, I will smooth and enhance your energy.

Crystal Card Reading

3-card Reading – $25.00
5-card Reading – $40.00

A three or five card reading in writing for you to keep, answering the question:
What would I benefit from knowing at this time?

During these readings, I connect with your Me Team, which is comprised of all parts of you and you only, and all the information I receive and write down comes from the highest parts of you and no where/no one else.

You will receive a picture of the cards presented during the reading, as well as a picture of the handwritten answer to the question italicized above.  I find I get the most clear response during these readings when I am not using any technology at all, which is why  I write the information using a pen and paper.

The readings are designed to empower you and to help you move forward to becoming your best self, by reading information that your selves would like you to know at this very moment.



Know Thyself


With love,

The Magelion


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