Your Me Team

During distance therapy sessions, I communicate and work with what I call the Me Team. This includes every single part of you: Source/The Universe/God, your Spirit, Soul, Oversoul, Higher Self, Multi-Dimensional Selves, Super Soul, Incarnations, Magnetic Self, Fractal Selves, and more -- basically every part of you that exists across all time and space. Some … Continue reading Your Me Team

Breaking the Chains of Love Bite Relationships and Healing

If you have not read My Experience with the “Love Bite, I recommend that you do that, before reading the following. After the relationship I described in my previous post, I had to learn how to heal.  This process was and is not instantaneous.  It takes dedication, a willingness to look at yourself with a … Continue reading Breaking the Chains of Love Bite Relationships and Healing


We live in an extremely fast-paced society, which can leave one feeling discombobulated, flighty and unfocused.  One method of handling the constant barrage of information directed our way, increased interactions with others, stress, and a nonstop stream of thoughts is by practicing grounding. Grounding does not need to follow a complicated formula and can easily … Continue reading Grounding